Aspiration, Inspiration, Blog Heroes

“Be the blogger and tweeter you want everybody else to be” and “blog like no one is reading.” I love this advice and the other concrete suggestions in Dan Meyer’s recent post, The Gathering of The High Council of The Math Teacher Bloggers. And I’m thinking about how to take his advice more fully.

One step is to consider the best models out there. Here are four:

Photo: Rainier Navidad

  • Seth’s BlogFrom marketing guru Seth Godin, this blog is consistently pithy and laser focused.
  • Dane’s Education BlogThese words from mindful and empathic independent school leader Dane Peters often make me smile, and his posts never fail to offer a resource.
  • The HeadlinerArtful use of homily to reinforce shared values in school culture is the particular gift of this blog by Palmer Bell, Headmaster at Riverside Presbyterian Day School in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Independent Schools, Common PerspectivesPeter Gow helps us see and value the connections between the private and public education sectors in this blog published in EdWeek. There are few topics more important for independent school educators at the moment.

Thanks to these folks for inspiration. May we take a lesson from each of them.

One comment

  1. Claudia

    Clearly you are VERY kind and tremendously insightful! Thank you for your leadership and for your own wise musings. Have a great summer. Vacation finally stars for me on Thursday.


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