When a Fork Won’t Do

Naomi Reynolds Photography

I tweet. I post on Facebook. I edit an association e-newsletter. I curate an association Ning. I manage an association website. Why add a blog?

I think it’s a bit like choosing the ball-peen over the claw-head hammer or the spatula over the fork. Each tool — or each medium — seems to have a purpose to which it is best suited.

Twitter, with its 140-character parameter, seems ideal for sharing a quick piece of information with colleagues: recommendations for reading, reactions to the day’s news, responses to a recent op ed piece. Other educators seem to agree, in that there is a robust exchange of information there. For me, it’s like entering a room filled with school folks carrying on dozens of conversations of interest to me. I find few heads of schools there, I’d note. This is the land of aspiring heads, communication directors, and technology integration specialists — the techno-comfortable.

Facebook seems most effective as a replacement for the once ubiquitous family holiday letter, now deliverable in multiple chapters throughout the year. That said, it seems a useful vehicle for blasting informal snippets of news about one’s organization, too. The most compelling school Facebook presences, I think, offer a glimpse into life at school — photos of student projects, a video clip of a few moments of a recent performance. From an association perspective, it’s a useful medium for continuing to heighten public awareness of our work.

But the blog? The opportunity to step out from behind the institution’s logo. Express a personal opinion. Thump the podium. Ponder aloud.

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