I encourage school leaders to blog. I believe the benefits are compelling. Putting thoughts to words can be clarifying. Framing ideas in clear language helps us articulate our beliefs and consider them from a slightly different angle. Generating dialogue among educators and within our school communities advances a thoughtful, informed, and collegial approach to our work. Increased visibility, in most cases, is good for our schools and organizations.

Yet, my own blogging has been limited to the travelogue variety, most often featuring my association’s global travel program (see ESHA’s Kenya Experience and China: Cities, Sights, and Schools). I’ve wrestled with the question of finding my own voice for this medium, mindful of my professional commitment, as the Elementary School Heads Association‘s Executive Director, to serve heads of schools with diverse sensibilities, sensitivities, and cultures. If reading, my family and friends are unable to hold back chuckles, just now, knowing that I have no shortage of passions and opinions.

Photo: Ekspansio/E+/Getty Images

So, in the interest of contributing further to thoughtful reflection on school leadership and practicing what I preach, here I go… taking the plunge.

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